Enjoy the Burn: Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories

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Working out at the gym isn’t the only way to burn those extra pounds. We all have those days when going to the gym feels like drudgery.  Ridding yourself of those extra calories can be fun, too.  Burn just 100 calories and you’ve just lost the piece of cheese, extra cookie, half-cup of sherbet or chips and salsa you devoured.

Consider these 10 quick and fun ways to burn 100 calories.  Keep in mind, the number of minutes are approximate and will vary based on your weight.

  • Make calorie-burning a family affair. Play hide and seek or tag with your children for 20 minutes. You’re never too old to play.
  • The next time someone tells you to “Go fly a kite,” go fly one for 20 minutes; you’ll burn 100 calories.
  • Let the child within come back to life. Remember the hula hoop?  Twelve minutes of gyrations and you’re good to go.
  • Watch a good comedy that provokes laughter for 35 minutes.
  • Instead of a good belly laugh, indulge in a belly dancing class for 20 minutes.
  • Sports are about more than competition. Shooting hoops or playing kickball or soccer will dissolve 100 calories in 20 minutes. Go bowling, play miniature golf or throw a Frisbee for 30 minutes.
  • Clean the house. Okay, …it may not be fun; but isn’t the vacuuming and dusting more inviting if you know you’re burning all these calories in just 30 minutes?
  • Put on the music and sing for 50 minutes.
  • Start the music and dance for 25 minutes. Of course, the number of calories will vary a bit depending on whether you’re a rock and roller or a slow waltzer.
  • Kind of like sex, the variance of the time reported to burn 100 calories is astonishing—from 20 to 43 minutes. Again, the more you put into it, the more calories you burn; so don’t just lie there.

Do any of the activities for twice as long and burn twice as many calories, or mix several of them up for a fun-filled calorie-burning afternoon. Making it fun means you are more likely to do it. So go ahead; enjoy the burn.



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