Leading a Good Life the Feng Shui Way: Your Problems Solved

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Stagnant career? Troubled relationships? Financial problems? Health issues? Feng Shui may be the solution to all your problems!

Feng Shui is primarily based on the idea that the earth is filled with diverse energies, which bind the universe and man together. Feng Shui literally means wind-water; the two fundamental elements essential for our survival. Healthy flow of wind and water can nurture our body and the surrounding environment. Feng Shui harmonizes human existence with the surrounding environment. When the energy in an environment is not flowing properly, it can lead to disharmony. Feng Shui is a technique, which helps in aligning the energy of space in order to achieve greater efficiency, contentment and wellbeing. Feng Shui is believed to bring good fortune to those who practice it.

Evolution of Feng Shui
Feng Shui is an ancient science, which was developed in China thousands of years ago. It relied on astronomy to find a connection between humans and the universe.? In the medieval era, many of the Chinese structures including palaces, tombs and graveyards were aligned in a particular direction based on careful examination of land and its formations. They realized that each piece of land manifests its own energy and is subject to various influences from the surroundings. The Chinese wanted to bury their ancestors in the most auspicious manner so that their descendants could lead healthy and prosperous lives. All major cities in China were built by following rules of Feng Shui for design and layout. The ruling class originally practiced Feng Shui; however, over time it was being applied to the homes of ordinary people too. In the present day, Feng Shui has developed into a science, which enables people to align themselves with good energy bringing them good fortune.

Feng Shui Tools & Techniques
The tools used in Feng Shui analysis help in identifying the different energies present in vicinity by accessing deep information on the energies. They help in solving all the mysteries of the universe. The most commonly used tools for Feng Shui are the compass and the energy map. The compass helps in accessing deeper information about a site. The energy map helps in building a connection between specific areas of one’s home to specific areas of one’s life. In order to optimize an environment, Feng Shui uses a host of colors and objects which when positioned in the right direction can lead to free flow of energy.

Feng Shui & Spirituality
Feng Shui is often used to orient spiritual buildings in an auspicious manner; the orientation depending on the energies present. In present times, Feng Shui is being used to strengthen spiritual connection. Ancient sages from various religions and cultural backgrounds assert that one can feel at peace by connecting to the divine source within. However, today people live such busy lives that they seldom take out time for spiritual activities. Feng Shui helps them by providing an environment that supports the pursuit of genuine spirituality.

Feng Shui & Religion
Feng Shui helps bring sacredness into people’s lives. A variety of Feng Shui aids act as powerful healers and invite the energy of the divine into daily life. The use of deities and other icons reminds us to seek the blessings of Heaven. In order to activate one’s home’s spiritual sector, Feng Shui advises placing religious articles in the northeast portion of the house. This direction coincides with spirituality, wisdom, and self-growth.



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